Spare Wheel Well

The spare wheel well made of reinforced plastic with 60 % glass fiber is attached directly to the body frame. It stores spare tire and onboard tool kit and also stiffens the rear section of the vehicle.


Steering rod

In contrast to metal, the use of high-tech plastics for structural components of the chassis, such as the steering rod, offers many benefits: Weight savings, cost-effectiveness through efficient manufacturing and assembly processes, reliable when subject to high dynamic mechanical stresses


Airbag Housing

Tepex® hybrid technology allows for a much lighter design of airbag housing side even compared to thermoplastic. Weight can be reduced by roughly one-third without compromise on stiffness or strength.


Cross-car beam

Cross-car beams with a plastic/metal hybrid construction provide substantial benefits, enabling cable and air ducts or brackets for the steering column to be easily integrated.



LANXESS has developed a range of iron oxides for the production of cathodes for lithium-ion batteries. Thanks primarily to their good morphological properties and high reactivity, the products are ideally suited for use in the e-mobility field.


Engine oil pan

The engine oil pan made from polyamide 66 weighs around a kilogram less than a steel component solution; it is around 50% lighter than an aluminum version.

Durethan®, Tepex®

Cylinder head covers

LANXESS Durethan® is a popular choice for this application thanks to its high temperature resistance and favorable surface quality


Gearbox oil pan

The high-tech material’s stiffness enables a very shallow design for the oil pan, making it easy to install.

Durethan®, Tepex®

Roof Frame in plastic

Hybrid technology combines the specific strengths of plastic with those of metals such as sheet steel and aluminum. Roof frames are 30 % lighter when made with plastic / metal hybrid technology, yet cost around 20% less than a full-steel-solution.


Hybrid Front Ends

Hybrid front ends made of plastic / metal composites can reduce weight from 10 % – 40 % compared to front ends made of metal alone. With TEPEX®, up to 20 % in vehicle weight can be saved additionally in comparison to sheet aluminum solutions.


Leather + Seat pans

LANXESS products can help with every stage of leather manufacturing. The innovative X-Lite® process enables high-quality leathers to be produced which weigh up to 20% less. In comparison to seat pans made from plastic alone, Tepex® inlays can reduce the weight of car seats by up to 50%.

X-Lite®, Durethan®, Tepex®

Brake pedal

The world’s first polyamide brake pedal reinforced with continuous glass fibers and designed for mass production is around 50% lighter than comparable traditional steel brake pedals, but just as mechanically strong.

Durethan®, Tepex®